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Roof Maintenance

Roofing St. Johns: A Guide to Maintaining Your Roof

The roof is a hard-working part of your house that prevents rain, UV rays, hail, snow, and debris from reaching your living room, bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom. Your property’s aesthetics is also affected by the condition of your roof, which can significantly affect your chances of influencing a home buyer’s choices. This guide will show you the importance of roof maintenance and how it is done.

Benefits of Roof Maintenance

  • Your roof lasts longer or will further protect your family members from the elements
  • It helps identify potential problems before they become major issues that are expensive to repair
  • Maintenance restores the pristine aesthetic of your roof and make it appealing to home buyers

Seasonal Roof Care

  • Remove moss growth, dirt, and other debris
  • Find and restore broken shingles
  • Inspecting the flashing and seals for any signs of wear or tear

Regular Inspections

  • Hiring a professional roof inspector at least once a year
  • Checking for any signs of water damage in your attic
  • Inspect the vents and chimney to ensure they are secure
  • Examine drainage pipes for any clogs or blockages

Smart Practices

  • Regular cleaning your roof with a mild detergent solution
  • Inspect your roof after strong winds, heavy rain, or hail storms
  • Keep trees trimmed to prevent branches from rubbing against the roof

Roof work safety


  • Safety should be your first priority when working on your roof
  • Wear protective gear and secure a ladder to prevent falls
  • Consider hiring a professional if you are not confident in your ability to perform maintenance safely

How often should I have my roof inspected?

At least once a year

Why should you get a professional roofer to inspect your roof?

They have the experience and know-how to inspect your roof thoroughly. Professional roofers can check on nooks and crannies that are often overlooked by others.

What are the benefits of regular roof maintenance?


You can extend the lifespan of your roof and make it presentable to make your whole house look appealing. 


In conclusion, regular maintenance of your roof is essential to ensure that it lasts as long as possible and provides adequate protection for your home or business.  If you are in St. Johns, Newfoundland and are looking for professional roofing services, contact us today! We are here to help.


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